With the support of an advisory board and the leadership of the founding Director; our team is broken down into sub teams to ensure excellence and accountability.

Teacher Dora Hub 9 | BeeTcore Website Developer
Teacher Dora Hub 9 | BeeTcore Website Developer

The Vessels

This is the team of educators, teachers, SEN coordinators, coaches, facilitators, therapist, guides and minders who work in our education and training department for both adults and children.

The Builders

These are the men and women who work with our clients; individuals, groups and organisations to design bespoke solutions to scaffold their life while ensuring sustainable success and longevity.

They also continuously create, and redesign our courses, resources, learning and teaching experiences for all clients.

Teacher Dora Hub 8 | BeeTcore Website Developer
Teacher Dora Hub 8 | BeeTcore Website Developer
Teacher Dora Hub 39 | BeeTcore Website Developer
Teacher Dora Hub 39 | BeeTcore Website Developer

The Eunuchs

Our wise men and women, experts across different fields, always ready and available to give good counsel to the individuals and organisations that we work with. The Eunuchs work closely with clients and practice a strict code of client confidentiality.

Reports and recommendations from the eunuchs are used as guide to create appropriate solutions by the builders and vessels. They are the advisory team and consultants at the hub.

The Harvesters

These are partner organisations that work with TeacherDora hub to achieve our mission. The Harvesters support in tour funding and mission execution across cities of the world.

We invite you to join our Harvesters community today, and together we can do extraordinary empowering generations. Interested organisations and individuals should email: [email protected].

Teacher Dora Hub 40 | BeeTcore Website Developer
Teacher Dora Hub 40 | BeeTcore Website Developer

Team Lead/Founding Director

Lady Theodora Ayeni; fondly called Teacher Dora studied social studies education. A versatile educator with over 15 years active practice experience across the cities of Nigeria her country of origin. She has also had the privilege to serve across the cities of a few other countries.

With a professional and personal commitment to provide life skills for successful sustainable living across sectors to individuals and organisations, Lady Theodora leads the TeacherDora Hub team to excellent execution of courses, solutions and product experiences.

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The organization through her leadership is able to provide life learning and human development opportunities and resources throughout the year (request for year calendar) and across sectors and industries.

Lady Theodora continues to reach out to even more groups and individuals through her speaking engagements, her books, and annual tours. She is a mother and minister of truth and worship.

Looking to invite Lady Theodora Ayeni to speak at any of your events, send an email to: [email protected].

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