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To facilitate the achievements of our mission; our services are in different categories to allow for an effective and broad reach; we invite you to take a few minutes to read through.

Open to children across ages 3 to 17; the club provides a grooming center for young member individuals giving them a broad knowledge and understanding of the world around them; while developing life skills that distinguish them.

The modules include: oratory, writing, leadership, use of the hands, arts and crafts amongst other life building courses and programs; register your child today.

Let us help you plan the children’s events with child appropriate fun experiences that allow for appropriate social integration. We also set up pop-up childcare areas at weddings, conferences etc.

You can be assured of the freedom to enjoy your event with the peace of watching your child happy in a safe place.

Setting up a nursery in your home, a learning corner or even an entire room for your little treasures can be fun yet bring a little anxiety for parents. Allow our team of creative and child-friendly interior designers set up a beautiful and functional area for your children at home.

We also set up fun child areas in hospitals, terminals, hotels, eateries and office premises for children. Remember, one of the secret for raising well groomed children is giving them a favorable environment.

Because we understand the many things that keep children in the fun bubbles of events and parties book us today to serve as master of ceremony for that children party or baby shower.

This grooming program is designed to inspire teenagers and young adults to build character, develop skills and acquire values that empower them to be distinguished among their peers.

It is created to empower them to lead generations; working with guides and mentors who are simple, accessible and real the participants get the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of people on the path they seek.

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