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The minders program is a training course for individuals seeking understanding of the science of child development, it gives the participant insight into the development needs of children and teaches how to effectively engage children.

The course highlights the resources available, the systems and the structures required into ensuring children are able to have a full, rich learning experience.

This program is relevant and useful to those at schools, daycare centers, orphanages, children churches and other child centered services.

With sustainability as one of our values this training program helps to show creative ways to make resources from reusable items and other accessible and affordable items in the environment.
This is a favourite across groups and individuals; help the children around you find rest in simple ways and watch them transform into effective individuals. This course has a lot of mind and rest secrets relevant for children.
This training for the trainers and educators; designed to equip educators to find mental stability, physical agility and a wholesome life while delivering professional and world class learning experiences.

This program is specially designed for children evangelism missions, ministries, ministers and missionaries.

Equipping them with simple life applicable methods and techniques to get children grounded in the love and reverence of God.

Refer to education and training prospectus for full list of workshops and short courses and programs available, or email the education and training department via: [email protected].

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