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To facilitate the achievements of our mission; our services are in different categories to allow for an effective and broad reach; we invite you to take a few minutes to read through.

An annual membership is open into a book reading community for individuals and enterprises seeking accountable ways to ensure personal and personnel growth in wisdom and knowledge from the pages of books.

The community shares a weekly read review and also quarterly hangout. This community operates both virtual and onsite sessions and is open to everyone.

A favorite with individuals and groups this is a 52 days journey to transformation. Equipped with mind shift sessions, goal orientation, positioning, meditation amongst other modules.

This personal journey to a new expression of your life is absolutely rewarding. At teacher Dora Hub we believe in the power of rebirths and transformation as a tool for a sustainable successful life.

This is an intensive 10 days program for individuals, groups, missions or enterprises seeking clarity on specific needs/challenges. It is also designed to help bring clarity to confusion on life expressions.

Designed to provide support for vulnerable people going through and or seeking full recovery from traumatic experiences.

We give hands on help to enable individuals stand head high again. Our team of educators, therapist etc are always happy to work with you on this journey.

A bespoke and a most wanted this program; this is a one on one guided support to ensure holistic successful life expressions. It covers all areas of the participating individual’s life and journeys with you into wholeness.

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