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Happening across different cities; this monthly session gives an opportunity for individuals and enterprises to have open and wide range of conversations with our team and team lead within our thematic service areas.

This provides opportunity for questions to be asked, counsel to be sought; amongst other life transforming discussions. To know what city we visit next, email [email protected].

We invite you to also host one of the sessions in your city; we will be glad to come.

This is a free play day for children with a mix-up of activities and fun experiences for the children in the community.

Weekly 1 hour meditation to help refresh and DE clutter the mind as a tool for full sustainable successful living.  Its open onsite and virtually.

This is the quarterly book community hangout; holding onsite and virtually. Become a member of the book community today to access this.

Join the party that leaves us all feeling re-inspired. This is a quiet and exclusive night of songs, scents, foods and networking where we just relax and refresh.

Hosted every quarter across different cities, plan to attend the next by booking your ticket and group table by sending an email to: [email protected]

The October Annual tour is an avenue to make knowledge, information, counsel and resources accessible to a wide range of individuals and enterprise.

With a 5 city outreach minimum goal each year; we hope to take simple truths across to the people to help them with tools and skills for sustainable living.

We invite you and your organization to partner with us. Let us do extraordinary together.

Holding in the month of March each year, the thematic focus of the private journey annual lecture is to raise an awareness of the need to honor and serve with excellence and love the different journeys of life.

Spaces are always quickly sold out buy your ticket today and be assured of a sit at the table.

This weekend long program features master class sessions, networking, exhibition, food, music and all the beautiful expressions for individuals and enterprise.

The Gathering provides a place for re-strategizing, re positioning and renewing of all goals, visions, missions and life’s many expressions. See the year planner for details of date.

This is exclusively a spiritual worship, word and prayer event. To empower industry leaders and individuals desiring tangible dominion expressions in their lives.

This vigil gives new badges to participating warriors, leaving them ready to manifest in dominion and impact.

This is a thanksgiving ceremony and funfair for all clients and prospecting clients of the TeacherDora hub. Our happy place; join in by getting a ticket today.

If unable to decide on a specific service need, kindly schedule a need assessment meeting with [email protected]. For appointments and service booking, email: [email protected].

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